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Let's jump back to my time as an Apparel Design student at Oregon State University.

Below you will find numerous projects and examples of my schoolwork that helped me build creative confidence, understand the fashion industry and find my passion for design.


This was an independent research project for my Textile and Apparel Market Analysis class. The project included a detailed demographic and psychographic profile, flat sketches of apparel, a mood board, price analysis, etc. I created the menswear brand ROMEO and also wrote an extensive analysis paper comparing the ROMEO brand to a competitor brand. Featured in a slide show to the left is my concept board and the ROMEO Spring 2014 line sheet. I also accepted an in-class award for "Best Brand Concept" for this project.


This was a self-directed project. I researched athletic apparel trends and created a line of Nike Running shoes. First, I designed a mood board around the idea "the sky doesn't have to be the limit." I then created an intriguing color palette and designed six running shoes (three for men, three for women) that correlate with the galactic trend. The Nike brand is all about innovation and exceeding customer needs and wants. My designs are unique, inspiring, motivating and fashionable, and would appeal to a wide variety of consumers, from the devoted athletes to the trend-seeking style enthusiasts.


This project was created in a class entitled Sewn Product Development. The goal of this project was to show every step that goes into product development - from design inspiration to a very detailed technical package. For this project, I developed a suit and suit coordinates menswear line, ONYX, in the better price range. I designed a mood board around my inspiration "Casino Royale," a color story and a design brief explaining ONYX's target customer. I researched three potential brand competitors, J.Crew, Ted Baker and Ben Sherman, designed six full looks and created a line plan for every garment. From there, I chose one of my jacket designs to create a detailed technical package, including Bill of Materials, Points of Measurement and full construction pages.

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